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bottom turn

Bottom Turn

14 Gennaio 2017

Bottom Turn Bottom Turn It is generally the first maneuver that you run into a wave after Take Off and consists …

ADAM’S PEAK Sri Pada (Sinhalese Samanalakanda, Mountain Butterfly; Sivanolipatha Malai in Tamil, English Adam’s Peak, Sri Pada in Sanskrit means sacred …

isurf surf rules

Surf General Rules Surf General Rules In the water, not to have problems either with others or with themselves, there are …

Take Off

8 Gennaio 2017

TAKE – OFF The take off is the starting on a wave. When you are on the line up, and the …

yala national pak leopard

The Yala National Park is the most visited and second largest national park in Sri Lanka. Currently it consists of five …


The South-western Coast Sri Lanka, an island shaped by the tears in India, is the destination with latitude greater and more …

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