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bottom turn

Bottom Turn Bottom Turn It is generally the first maneuver that you run into a wave after Take Off and consists of a corner made the wave base; the purpose of this maneuver is to be traced back towards the lip – that is, the wave top margin – or bend towards the wall. This is the most important maneuver to surf with maximum efficiency; Bottom Turn depends from …

isurf surf rules

Surf General Rules Surf General Rules In the water, not to have problems either with others or with themselves, there are some things and some surf general rules to know. When you go surfing, especially in a new spot, you do not immediately throw in the water, wait, stop off, look at the situation, it looks like the water entering and leaving the other surfers, looks like they are …


TAKE – OFF The take off is the starting on a wave. When you are on the line up, and the wave is coming, you have to paddle hard with both arms, and as soon as you feel that the table starts to move by itself, to stand on this as quickly as possible. More wave is steep, the more you have to be quick to get on the …

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